Strategic Operations Skills Training

World-class execution requires game-changing clarity
Executive teams who know how to execute crisply, efficiently, and effectively are the teams whose organizations lead their industries.
Strategic Operations Skills Training provides the hard skills of game-changing clarity combined with the The Jenks Group’s renowned strategic focus.
Our U.S. Navy SEAL instructors are the most successful game-changers on the planet. And The Jenks Group is an international leader in strategic planning.
Your executives will learn how to apply the strategic principles that keep Special Ops forces alive and successful on the battlefield … to your business.

How game-changing would that be for your organization?
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The S.O.S.T.™ Experience

An executive learning experience with lasting impact.

The program grabs your attention from the start as you change from your civilian clothes into military camouflage protective gear. This is not your typical corporate university classroom.

Our instructors come from the highest levels of strategic thinkers and focused achievement: The Jenks Group founders and Navy SEALs.

Starting with training in mission principles, ultra-clear communication, and the game-changing effects of speed, surprise, and impact of action, the instructors prepare you for boots-on-the-ground exercises on the Strategic Operations simulated battlefield. You’ll have an experiential “felt sense” of what it means to execute on mission crisply, clearly, and successfully.

You learn to handle an AR 15 assault rifle, how to operate as a team to clear an area and subdue hostiles, what clear communication really means, and how to maintain focus on your goal when things go wrong.

Back in the classroom, you transfer the lessons learned in the field to your business’s challenges. You’ll discover what game-changing clarity and military-style execution on goals could do for your company.

Two days of intensive, challenging, thought-provoking executive education, offered as a package or as two separate sessions delivered three to six months apart.

Hard-skills training for executives in the six indelible skills of game-changing clarity.

Taught by the best on the planet.

Ideal for executive leadership teams, up-and-coming management, internal leadership groups, or multi-generational family businesses. Physical challenges are no barrier to participation.

We guarantee that after this training, you’ll do things differently than you do now.

How game-changing would that be for your organization?

Game-Changing Skills

The Strategic Operations Skills Training™ program was four years in development.

With decades of experience in strategic planning and executive coaching, Ed and Sharon Jenks recognized six primary gaps at the root of all corporate performance issues. These gaps were in the areas of discipline, focus, trust, training, governance, and strategic effectiveness. They developed the S.O.S.T. program to help executives close those gaps.

S.O.S.T. is an educational experience for executives who want a new, more effective approach to achieving corporate goals.
Phase 1, Day 1

Tip of the Spear: Speed, Surprise, and Impact of Action
What constitutes speed in your organization? Do you have the advantage of surprise? Are you aware of the game-changing impact of your actions?

Relevant Training
Are you and your people unconsciously competent in your work? What does relevant training mean within your organization? What opportunity does your team need to be ready for?

Subjugation of Self to Mission
Could your executive team explain the corporate mission to a complete stranger? How do you deal with team members who are willing but unable? What about those who are able but unwilling?
Phase 2, Day 2

Strategic Planning
How do you define strategy? Do you know what initiatives are necessary for achievement? Is each team member unconsciously competent in performing their responsibilities?

Chaos as a Strategic Advantage
What are the rules of engagement by which you operate? Do you defy distraction and adapt to situations in order to maintain focus? Are you aware of the details that lead to execution on goals?

The Only Easy Day was Yesterday
Do you practice hard work? Does your corporate culture support planning to work hard? How can you increase the level of unconscious competence for yourself and your team?
steve-bailey"As a Navy SEAL, you become wary of proposals that would take your hard-earned skills outside of the Teams. When I was first introduced to The Jenks Group I was skeptical. But working with Ed and Sharon has convinced me of the merits of the program they have developed to positively support American business.

I’d like to think that as a Navy SEAL and because we are Americans, what we do through this program is a positive step in helping American businesses thrive and to be successful."

– Steve Bailey (Master Chief U.S. Navy SEAL retired)

Strategic Operations Skills Training: a game-changing opportunity to close the execution gaps in your organization.

The Jenks Group, Inc.

Strategic Operations Skills Training Team Leaders
Sharon Jenks
Ed Jenks
Steven W. Bailey
John “Rick” Bowen
Organizations of Interest

Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) – the S.O.S.T. training site

Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) provides Hyper-Realistic™ training services and products for military, law enforcement, and other organizations responsible for homeland security. STOPS is TJGI’s exclusive location for the S.O.S.T. training program.

STOPS grew from San Diego’s Stu Segall (pronounced “seagull”) Productions, which was once one of the largest independent, full-service television and movie studios in America. STOPS combines the magic of Hollywood moviemakers with the professional knowledge of military trainers, offering state-of-the-art, next-generation training environments found nowhere else in the United States, and building believable scenarios with explosions, noise, and role players.


FORGED is a clothing line designed and owned by one of our SEAL instructors, Mike Sauers. We make a point of supporting our partners, and S.O.S.T. participants can get SEAL t-shirts and hats from FORGED and, in the near future, a special-edition S.O.S.T. t-shirt. All purchases from FORGED support the Lone Survivor Foundation.

The Navy SEAL Foundation

The Navy SEAL Foundation was formed to support SEALs and their families. As their website states, “The Navy SEAL Foundation provides a comprehensive set of programs specifically designed to reduce the stressors associated with the tremendous amount of uncertainty and pressure that comes with life in Naval Special Warfare (NSW).”

We donate 5% of the net profits from S.O.S.T. program to the Navy SEAL foundation.



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